Just for a laugh

Lots of big games tonight in one of the best final weekends I can remember. I think I’m going to need a new remote after tonight!

Just for a laugh, here are my picks for some of tonight’s games: (tune in tomorrow to see how bad I was!)

Toronto @ Yankees – Yanks want home field & the Moose is on the loose!

Baltimore @ Boston – I know it’s not a big game, but it has bearing on how my Jays will finish. Sox will finish strong at home.

K.C. @ Detroit – Cat Scratch Fever!…. and hey, Kenny Rogers: just hand the manager the ball next time ya big baby! (real opinion censored)

Houston @ Atlanta – Braves to be spoilers tonight

Philly @ Florida – Phils hanging in there

Chi Sox @ Minny – Twins Win!

Milwaukee @ St.Louis – Cards come through tonight, but their collars are still pretty tight.

San Diego @ Arizona – Padres can taste it now

Dodgers @ San Fran – A Giant pain to LA hopes

– More picks tomorrow! –


One comment

  1. anthonycolange@hotmail.com

    Hey, love the blog, keep up the awesome work. Your website is awesome too!

    PS: So far, your 5-2 in predictions for the night 🙂 but the Padres and Dodgers are still playing.

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