Post Season Predictions

Here ya go: (your comments more than welcome!)

Tigers vs Yankees – Yanks in 4, maybe even 3. Tigers struggled past 6 games, while Yanks are on a mission.

A’s vs Twins – Twins in 5. Twins momentum & the Metrodome fans to be the difference. Morneau for MVP! Becca the Bullpen Baker for rookie of the year!

Dodgers vs Mets – This could be a classic. A very very tough call, but I am going to go with the Dodgers in 5. They’ve been in playoff mode for weeks now. Memo to Fox: Please have Vin Scully do the games.

Cardinals vs Padres – Padres in 4. Cards obviously stumbled their way in and have not much to offer other than Carpenter and Pujols.

Long term prediction: Yankees to defeat Dodgers in World Series. Their pitching is suspect, but their hitting will carry them all the way. They won’t be denied this season.

Safest prediction: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to over-hype, over-talk and over-analyze as the most overrated broadcast team in MLB history.

So there you have my predictions of what I THINK will happen.

What I WANT to happen (and who I’ll be cheering) is for the Tigers to go all the way 🙂




    NO my mets are gunna beat the dodgers.actually the only reason i root for the metsis cuz i am obsessed with shawn green and cardinals not padres padres s*ck

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