Don’t do it!

– sorry for dropping off the radar for awhile there!
Anyways, the news of an impending Frank Thomas signing is shocking to say the least. The Big Hurt is a Big Gamble. Yes, he had a good year for the A’s, but was the comeback a one-year wonder for a 38 year old?

The Jays need to make a decision on Vernon Wells and find some pitching! Spend your money wisely JP and the playoffs are possible. Spend it poorly and you’ll find yourself out of a job at this time next year!

My prioritites:
– Re-sign Vernon Wells
– Re-sign Ted Lilly or a solid #3 guy
– Find a competent middle infielder
– Shuffle the bullpen up a bit, and pray we get a full season out of Halladay, Burnett & Chacin in 2007

And finally, if they do sign Thomas, it looks like it’ll be sayonara to one of my favourite Jays: Frank Catalanotto… say it aint so! 😦


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