Close one at Comerica

1_5 I FINALLY made my first road trip of the season today (better late than never) and it was worth the wait. After jumping out to an early 7-0 lead, the bullpen almost gave it away as the Jays hung on for an 8-6 victory at Comerica Park in Detroit. The Mrs. and I made it to our seats with only about 5 minutes to spare, after a 4 1/2 hour drive.

I brought a decent camera today and have posted plenty of pics on my sister site:

Jays have now won 5 of their last 6, lead Boston by a full game, and finish up with 3 in the Bronx.

Today’s summary:

The Good – seeing a road win in person…. In all my years of ballpark travels the Jays tend to lose way more than they win when I’ve seen them on the road. The drive home always feels a little easier after a victory.

The Bad: barring a miracle lottery win, this was my last MLB game that I’ll see in person this season. Hmmmmmm, maybe MLBlogs can send me as a correspondent to the playoffs…. yeah, that would be nice! I’m not picky – Shea, Comerica, Petco, the Metrodome, Yankee Stadium, Oakland… wherever! Will work for tickets!

The Ugly: Windsor Tunnel traffic jam… perhaps I should have taken the Ambassador Bridge?


Well, that was quick!

Ummm…. 2nd place was nice…. all 24 hours of it!

Jays lost a tough one at Comerica, while Boston beat up on Tampa Bay. Only caught the late innings tonight, but all in all, it was a fairly entertaining game which is about all you can ask most days. It was nice to see a road game in HD too….. at the risk of sounding greedy… how about ALL games in HD next year?

Congrats to the Tigers and Twins for clinching… it gives me hope for the Jays next season! I’m hoping the Dodgers can hold off the Phillies for the wild card… and kudos to the Astros for creeping up on the Cards to atleast make things interesting.

I really hate to say this but I am thinking we are going to have a New York – New York World Series this year. If that’s the case I will be cheering for the Mets for no other reason than former Jay Carlos Delgado. BUT, sooner or later you know the Yanks are gonna win it again so brace yourselves!

Another thing I hate to say is that I kind of feel sorry for A-Rod after reading the recent Sports Illustrated article on him. Yeah I know, why feel sorry for a guy making as much as him? I guess it’s because the New York fans and media have been just merciless on him. Geez…. anybody can have a bad year.  I, like many others will be watching him very intently this postseason to see if he can perform up to expectations.

Finishing on the road

The Jays finished off their successful home campaign last night with a 5-0 shutout over Boston, backed by Shawn Marcum’s best start of his career. Shawn flirted with a no-no for over half of the game, but it was not to be. Homers by Alex Rios & Bengie Molina lifted the Jays to a slim half game lead in 2nd place. Boston has a much easier schedule than the Jays though, so 2nd place will be very hard to hold on to.I’m looking forward to attending Thursday’s game in Detroit. I have 3rd row tickets in the Upper Deck behind the plate with AJ Burnett facing Kenny Rogers. Should be a good one!

Last night’s summary:

The good – Free tickets last night for being an Inside Pitch subscriber!
– Taking 3 out of 4 from Boston, easily winning the season series, and a solid home record all season… (the road record, gulp, needs a little work)

The bad – fans booing Eric Hinske. Yes, he had his struggles and a big contract, but the past couple of years he was a solid guy coming off the bench, and versatile enough to either dh, or play 1st, 3rd or Right Field. Best of luck in your future Eric.

The ugly – opportunists or price gougers (whatever you want to call them) jacked up parking prices around the stadium just for last night…. $25 to park under the dome. It’s not that the game was sold out or anything. Just disgusting.

Saturday in the Park, wish it was the 4th (or 1st) of July…

230906_1626 No finer place to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon than the ballpark….over 42,000 thought the same as I, as the home schedule winds down for 2006.

An entertaining game as the Jays hung on for a 5-3 win behind solid pitching by AJ Burnett and back-to-back-jacks by Lyle Oooooooverbay and Troy The Boss Glaus.

The good – $9 seats in the 500 level are still the best bargain in pro sports.

The bad – another visit by Red Sox Nation that did not include the Red Sox Chick. C’mon Cyn, you gotta come up here and visit!

The ugly – First day of autumn today….  I don’t mind the fall too much, it’s just that summer’s over and winter is in the on-deck circle    😦

Copied and Pasted!

A 4 game series against the Red Sox with 2nd place on the line started off terrible with a 7-1 loss tonight…. Jays need the next 3 in a row to have a shot at 2nd. C’mon guys!

Despite my negative blogs of late, I still love my team, even though they drive me crazy sometimes. I’ll be at tomorrow’s game and Monday’s too, plus Thursday afternoon’s game in Detroit.

I had a good laugh at the following post on the Blue Jays Fan Forum…. I have copied and pasted:

Guaranteed for 2007

JP makes a few acquisitions and the Jays public relations machine goes into high gear saying the team has found the missing pieces to the puzzle.

The media asks – will this at last be the year the Jays are in contention?

Two pundits predict the Jays will go to the World Series. The energy is high.

The season starts off with a bang. Jays are 10 games over .500 early.

Key injuries occur to pitcher and outfielder.

No one is available from the farm system as suitable replacements.

The Jays start to lose and JP bemoans the hand of fate.

Message boards clamor for JP/Gibbons to be fired.

Around July 1, speculation begins as to whether the Jays will be buyers or sellers.

The message boards are filled with possible deals to strengthen the club.

By the end of July, JP says there will be no deals because no one we like is avaialble but when the injured player(s) return, it will be "just like we made a trade".

Gibbons explodes and threatens a key player who is then immediately traded.

Blue Jays lose 12 out of 16 games.

Blue Jays break the record, leaving 30 runners in scoring position.

JP says Gibbons is doing a good job. Jamie Cambell says the team is having a "lovely" season.

Blue Jays finish in third place.

Paul Godfrey kisses JPs feet in public.

Ted Rogers increases the budget by 20 million after JP tells him he needs more money to compete.

Speculation begins as to how good the team will be in 2008.

Zombie Nation

I am walking around like a zombie at work today after staying up late to watch the Dodgers-Padres game for the ages….. didn’t get to bed until around 2:30 am eastern.
Thank you MLB Extra Innings!
I live for this!

Now excuse me…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Live Blogging

And this one’s gooooone!

Best…. game….. ever!

Dodgers 11, Padres 10.

Padres take lead in the 10th, Nomar hits 2 run homer to win it.

Fans…… you gotta see the tape of this one!

My wife has family in both San Diego and L.A….. it’s hard for me to root against either team!